Don't Miss These Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas is known for its bright lights and big city gambling, not to mention elaborate entertainment and special events. If you're traveling to Sin City for work or pleasure, here are some interesting attractions you won't want to miss.

Casinos and Gambling

No article about Las Vegas would be complete without mentioning all the fabulous betting options for those interesting in gambling. This Nevada city has over one hundred different casinos to explore, from the famous Caesars Palace to the decadent Red Rock Resort. Head to any of these great casinos to play blackjack, poker, roulette, slots and many other popular table games.

MMA Competitions

If you like mixed martial arts, you don't need to confine your ,betting activities to the casinos. Catch a fight at one of the many MMA venues in Las Vegas, place a bet on your favorite fighter or hit up a mixed martial arts training center for a good workout. Some locations host multiple fights a day, so you should be able to catch a round whenever you'd like.

Local History

Of course, there's more to do in Las Vegas than gamble and catch a show or fight. History buffs will want to be sure to carve out a chunk of time to check out some local sites and attractions. The Mob Museum offers stories from the book of organized crime, while the Springs Preserve can boast being the birthplace of the famous city itself. Take some time between bets to learn about this famous and historic city, and you won't go home disappointed. .

Live Entertainment

Whether you like song, dance or a little bit of both, Las Vegas has a lot to offer in the form of live entertainment. Shows are staged every night in a variety of venues, featuring famous artists like Celine Dion, Britney Spears and Elton John. Ballets and Cirque du Soleil offer spectacular dancing and acrobatics, and magicians abound with tricks to wow the audience.From gambling to fighting and history to entertainment, Las Vegas is sure to have something for everyone who likes to have a good time. Happy travels!

MMA- Things You Need to Know

Think MMA and the first thing that comes to most people’s mind is the UFC, when in fact, the two are not entirely the same. While MMA (mixed martial arts) is the brutal yet captivating fight between two grown adults, UFC (The Ultimate Fighting Championship) is the name of the premier organization that endorses the sport.

Despite the growing pace and popularity of MMA, it turns out that many do not fully understand the sport. In an attempt to throw some light to a widely respected and hugely popular sport, namely the MMA, we’ve put together answers to all the questions most commonly asked about the sport.

So Just What Is MMA All About?

Mixed martial arts, MMA for short, is an immensely popular and widely watched sport. Drawing inspiration and its moves from various martial arts and Olympic sports, the sport engages a fight between two grown adults, each battling for a win over the other. Each game has a total of three to five rounds with each round lasting over a span of five minutes.

Mixed martial Arts and UFC Are Not the Same- Not Entirely At least

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, simply because it remains the single most misunderstood fact about the sport. Just as basketball is the sport and NBA is the name of the organization that endorses the sport, UFC is the name of premier organization that endorses MMA. While UFC is indeed the driving force behind MMA’s pomp and popularity, it is not the only one in the league of organizations that endorse of the sport.

Every Professional Game Has Its Share of Rules. So Does MMA too. Many in fact

Although MMA has progressed from its early days of mis-matches and amateur elements, sadly, many people fail to recognize it as fully legitimate sport. MMA and the UFC in particular have moved leaps and bounds and are governed by strict rules for players to abide by.

The Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts is the most widely recognized set of rules for the sport. Extremely thorough and well-drafted, the Unified Rules have precise regulations for every aspect of the game, including the size of the fighting area, rules for hand combats as well as guidelines for judging and foul calls. In short, the sport is as real and legitimate as it can get.

A Few Facts about Fouls

The Unified Rules of MMA enforces a set of 25 official foul calls, including gestures such as head butting and intentional injury to an opponent. As per the rules, the referee has the ultimate power to reprimand or disqualify a player if he/she is found guilty of an intentional foul.

While Fights are scored, the End Result Is What Ultimately Matters

A cage, popularly referred to as the octagon in UFC, is the playing area for the fighters. Three judges, monitoring different viewpoints of the contest, together evaluate the players’ technique and game so as to come to a decisive and unanimous conclusion. Ultimately, a fight can end up in submission, technical knockout, knockout, judge’s decision, forfeit, technical draw or no contest.

The Upcoming UFC Fight Night is scheduled on November 5th 2016 and features Dos Anjos and Ferguson battling for a win in the octagon. For live feeds, latest MMA scores, odds, and updates, visit (website link).

The Best MMA Fighters

Putting together a list of the best MMA fighters of all time will lead to heated debates and discussions. Different people have their own opinions of what makes the best fighters.

For casino lovers and sports betters, however, the best fighters are determined by a combination of technical skills and betting odds. Sports betting has become a profitable hobby and it has truly revolutionized the gaming industry. For the best odds, you can go big or go home with these top fighters from the heavyweight and light heavy weight division.


This division groups together the fighters that weigh between 205 and 265 pounds. The best athletes in this category use top techniques to secure victory, but three fighters stand out as far as betting odds is concerned. These fighters are known for having the highest betting odds, rationalized mainly by their fool-proof fighting techniques.

• Stipe Miocic

Miocic Made MMA history when he secured the heavyweight championship with a first-round win during UFC 198. He is also the first division fighter to defend the belt since 2013.

• FabricioWerdum

Wendrum took the MMA world by storm the moment that he stepped on that octagon for his first match, He experienced his all-time career high when he won the heavyweight championship in UFC 188. He relies heavily on his Muay Thai skills, complemented with an intense Brazilian jiu-jitsu training.

• Cain Velasquez

Velasquez in a two-time UFC Heavyweight Champion. Sherdog also ranked him as the top two heavyweight in the whole world, thanks mainly to his swift punching combinations and his superb grappling skills. He is also a skilled kickboxing and Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter.


Fighters that fall between 186 to 205 pounds fall under this division. Athletes in this category have the choice to trim down and join the middleweight division or to bulk up for the heavyweight division. Odds-wise, three athletes stand out among the other light heavyweight fighters. Truly, the odds favor the bold in this MMA division, with the boldest fighters giving better the best odds, as well.

• Jon Jones

Jones is the current Light Heavyweight Champion in the UFC and sports betters’ top choice odds-wise. Most fans, even those who consider themselves MMA lifers, tend to agree that he is one of the best fighters in the current league and, quite possible, one of the best MMA athlete of all time. His technique relies heavily on a combination of Muay Thai and Capoeira techniques.

• Daniel Cormier

Officially, Cormier is the top three fighter in the official UFC pound-for-pound ranking. Throughout his exciting career, he was able to secure notable victories against great fighters like Silva, Gustafsson, Mir, and Barnett. His impressive fighting styles combine techniques from various disciplines, including wrestling, kickboxing, and Brazilian jiujitsu.

• Anthony Johnson

Johnson is best known for his impressive track record of knocking out his opponents. He officially holds the number one spot as the official light heavyweight contender in the UFC. He combines powerful wrestling and kickboxing moves to subdue his opponents.

The Most Common Disciplines in MMA

Mixed Martial Arts, most popularly known as MMA, is a full-contact sport that uses multiple fighting disciplines. It combines various techniques of traditional martial arts to create a one-of-a-kind combat environment that allows striking, grappling, and other martial arts techniques.

Due to its highly competitive nature, it is also a sport that attracts its fair share of sports betters, especially from the crowd that has grown tired of traditional casino gaming. It is a common practice for betters to pick their odds based on the combined techniques and disciplines of their favorite players. To ensure the best odds, gaming and betting fanatics have grown to learn how to gauge the effectiveness of cross-discipline techniques.

There are four most common MMA disciplines that fighters usually learn and hone. These studies are designed to meld perfectly together, thus creating victorious fighters.

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

This form of jiu-jitsu is an adaptation of the more traditional Chinese martial art and is one of the most common and popular MMA disciplines. This technique relies heavily on using physical leverage to disable the opponent without causing any kind of permanent damage. BJJ levels out the playing field, as even smaller fighters can win against bigger ones as long as he has the proper techniques.


The sport that we know now is a Westernized version of the traditional Greek discipline. MMA fighters who want to focus on hand-based contact usually relies on this discipline, primarily because it focuses mainly on delivering blows to the upper part of the body. Boxers are quite popular among MMA fans because they are known to be one of the most exciting fighters in the business. Athletes of this discipline are generally known to deal a sizeable number of blows and, in a sport that places a premium on action, it is truly a treat to watch a boxer inside the octagon.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai, also known as Thai Boxing, is the national sport of Thailand and is one of the most popular techniques for MMA fighters. Compared to the more traditional kickboxing and boxing philosophies, Muay Thai focuses primarily on eight major points of contact. This discipline is notorious for its game-ending one-strike blows, like the knee to liver kick and the high kick to the head.


Another strong contender among the most popular MMA disciplines is wrestling, a grappling sports that places emphasis on subduing opponents by pinning them down to the floor. Fighters of this discipline focus on building their strength and their power, because these two traits are necessary to take down the other fighter. MMA athletes that rely on this discipline are known to exhibit a sense of measured control inside the octagon.There is no surefire formula to determine which MMA disciplines work best together. Match outcomes highly rely on the individual power and techniques of the MMA fighters. However, there is indeed a noticeable trend at how athletes who practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu stand out from other athletes when it comes to getting favorable statistics.